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Bakery Supervisor position open!

Job Description

We are a highly-motivated small team seeking candidates who are equally motivated to work hard and take on responsibilities with enthusiasm. As the business grows, we are in search of a bakery supervisor, part-time, to assist in the management of various aspects of the bakery and our shop.

Responsibilities would include:

  • Overseeing preparation of our pizza kit components, plus baking pizza crusts and other bread products

  • Cover some of the shop hours, interacting with customers and using the point-of-sale system.

  • Work alongside other employees with various levels of abilities and different communication skills.

Essential Qualities

  • A love of baking, especially bread! We are willing to train the best candidate.

  • Patience, a positive attitude, and an interest in helping others do their best work.

  • Creative problem-solving skills, and a willingness to be flexible to produce desired outcomes.

  • Strong communication skills in English are preferred.

  • Food Industry and/or retail sales experience is welcomed, as well as a High School diploma.

Hourly Rate

Average rate per hour: $26

Part-time hours, approximately 20 Tuesdays-Saturdays

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